EX​.​O​.​L​.​L (Extraordinary Ordinary Lives of the Living)

by Gif

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released May 1, 2012

Written, arranged & performed by Shawn "Gif" Folk for IAMTHEGIF publishing

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by JelaniTheMC@gmail.com at Home School. Harlem, USA.

Photography by Shawtieroc.com
Cover by iareconscious & Gif


all rights reserved



Gif New York

Has appeared in the Daily News, El Mundo, Trace Magazine, & many other publications and blogs. Performances @ Apollo theater, BAM, Harlem Stage, & more. Featured on legendary blend DJ Silva Sirfa’s mixtape “The Rise of Silva Sirfa” with Doug E. Fresh & DJ Ophax’s, winner of Justo award for best international mixtape DJ, mixtapes “Call It How You See It” and “I’mma Take What’s Mine”. ... more

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Track Name: Good Job Prologue
I like being me.
That’s why I hate jobs. Jobs, tend to dictate your identity.You are whoever you have to be in order to get a good job. The less society accepts
who you are, the more you have to be somebody else in order to get a “good” job.

People used to tell me, “How do you expect to get a good job wearing your hair like
that? How do you expect to get a good job talking like that?”

I always felt that it was awfully presumptuous of them to assume that I even wanted
a job. At the same time, all my mother wanted me to do was finish school, get a good
job, and get the hell out of her house. So what I wanted didn’t matter.
Track Name: Good Job
Auntie clutch her heart/oh my God he’s so smart/ yup he can
draw too/ ooh and he’s into art/ how does he do in school/ they say
that he’s so bright/ wait till you get a look at all the poems he write/
open school night/ what’s in the dark comes to the light/ tell my
momma that I’m failing in every class/ get home she whoop my
ass/ beat me for failing but always too busy to help me pass/ from
the womb to the Resource Room/social promotion motion/ high
school’s the worst place/ teachers wonder why I don’t remember
shit they never really taught me in the first place/ momma mad
cause I’m doing bad/ she praised me/ sad /I know maybe/ lady
thought I was on my best behavior/ grow up to be a savior/ and get
us out the ghetto that big house in the south/ not/ manual labor/
cooked coke/ a razor/ rumors spread by the neighbor/ me sleeping
on the couch

Get a good job/ I wouldn’t go back to school and get a good job/ get
that GED and get a good job/ say momma you wait and see/ I’ll get
a good job/ say yes instead of yeah/ get a good job/ say momma I’ll
cut my hair I’ll get a good job/I’m saying momma I swear I’ll get a
good job/momma I’ll get a good job/

Maybe I wasn’t bad enough to be saved/ or good enough to be
praised/ perhaps/ I was left alone to slip through the cracks/ high
school high/ I got my hair braided and wrote raps/ future grim/ on
a few occasions I even failed gym/ here’s a fact/ man I used to cut
school/ read text books/ and do the exercises in the back/ wasn’t
against learning just felt school was wack/ then I started burning
and fell way off track/ brother like see/ I know that you already
smoking this shit/ but it a be safer if you smoked it with me man /
and that was the first time I lit up/ be six years before I ever give
the shit up/ L’s to the face/ run/ police sweeping the staircase/ say/
times is money/ man money can be replaced/ but every hour you
waste/ is just an hour erased/ every hour you waste/ is just an hour
you could’ve got a

Good job/ I wouldn’t go back to school and get a good job…

And she was like/ boy you ain’t gone lie up on my couch/ eat up all
my food/ run up all my bills/ and I was like/ momma I’ve been
looking for a job/ but I dropped out of school/ and I ain’t got no
skills/ damn/ GED job readiness program/ whole fam like yo
scram/ you ain’t living here/ poof/ I disappear/ like who did I rob/
shit they never taught me nothing but to/ get up/ get out/ and go
get a good job
Track Name: Open Up
I went from cutting school to play Pac Man to pitching packs man/ cracks in my ass crack man/here go the facts man/moms pussy popped out/high school/ dropped out/ caught a case/ dropped out/ tried to rebound but got boxed out/ then I discovered the other me/ while feeling paralyzed on the road to recovery/ crawl, walk, jump/ hopefully fly/ with wax wings close to the sun/ I’ll drop out the sky/ so I/ try to be real/ when even my reality ain’t that/ what do I need to dance or paint my face black/ maybe pull the spine out my back/ what will it take to get a break/ maybe I’ll kill myself and lie at the wake/ you think/ I’m talking about a suicide I’m talking about the you inside/ filled with hate and/ play a brother life like comfort for motivation/ and leave a brother trife dating satin/ and fiends pacing/ in need of change

God/ I never thought that life could be this hard/ I’ve been beaten left leakin’ weakened/ see me so scared/ I know I’ve been living wrong/ give me a new start/ I’ll open up my heart

To my surprise man/ I passed twenty-five and I’m still alive man/ not really living more or less just surviving/ striving/ working this 9-5 and/ tryna snatch honey out the hive/ I mean money man/ see I’ve/ come a long way/ let the instrumental to my song play/ as I display/ a lyrical forte/ that convey sentiments of a fella that’s gone stray/ I live in my own mind they say/ try to break my will I had to find a way/ used my struggles in life as a sign to prey/ 7 kids momma never had time for me/ I got detention when my intention was attention I can’t get a break/ and I only get a percentage of every cent I make/ first subtract what the government take/ and then I got to take a headache break/ aww man I’m getting jerked/ feel like/ fuck a job I’ve got to get me some work

God/ I never thought that life could be so hard…

See I used to party a lot/ you know them sweat boxes/ sweaty balls sticking to my dick in my boxers/ see me grind on a chick/ hard dick in my boxers/ aw shit little leakage now it stick to my boxers damn/ I need a shower/ dancing an hour/ doing the running man to I got the power/ fast forward few years homey I chop powder/ posted on the corner tryna get that chowder/ say the block is hot I hope is bake this flower/ homey I need bread/ how can I breath dead/ niggas see he’s fed/ tryna get up/ see a P.O/ piss in a cup/ I feel stuck like/ so much drama say I’m sorry mamma/ now I have to deal with karma
Track Name: Oh Love
I’ve been rapping since I was fourteen/ skinny in need of protein/ trying to get up some more green/ pitching and flipping that off white/ slipped then I tripped and I lost sight/ seeming a brother got lost like/ I lost might/ I lost light man life tried to murder me/ experience/ changed up my view like laser surgery/ return write with urgency/ as a divine vessel I got divine spirits words in me/ one line bless you/ and biting is like burglary/ some people say that you’re late you’re on time so I come early see/ sort of like a man/ with erectile dysfunction/ my function/ get paid nigga/ turn soil to silk/ make cheese like spoiled milk/ bring eternal summers/ went against all odds and skipped them like even numbers/ and now I can’t stop I’ve got to/ make it pop/ and keep, keep, keep, keep, rising to the top/ while my mom is like/ give it all you got/ give it all you got/ give it all you got

Love/well we’ve finally made it/ my oh my/ you’ll never know/ how long I’ve waited

I done been built up/ broke down/ beaten and bullshitted/ spit it to get it with it/ dungarees, tees, fitted, suited or slitted, you’ve got to admit it/ I’m the shit/ be done with it when I done did it to the number one digit/ this is my rhyme reason/ till the day that my lungs collapse and I stop breathing/ I’m breathing/ for this right here/ floe/ carbon-dioxide/ the track breeds air/ keep your trees/ understand that this man is a whole other species/ fresh scented feces/ giving the competition more/ L’s than Lottos and shells than Alices/ My thesis/ is eat these/ rappers like free cheese/ get the riches/ and fly beachees/ you know/ do my thizang/ to the rizang/ registers like chi-ching/ shine like blizzang/ floss/ see the rizzang/ rap/ old folks like/ “damn he can sizzang”/ get rizzange/ three chizzains/ chizzange/ never chizzange/ you know

Love/ well we’ve finally made it/ my whole life/ you’ll never know/ how long I’ve waited

I’m just a brother tryna get up/ get out/ get my face out there/ say sky is the limit/ but I done seen space out there/ I create/ while them other rappers trace out there/ this is fate/ why wait homey it’s cake out there/ and I got the/ milk and batter I’m about to bake out here/ with heavy mental/ sort of like heavy metal off instrumental/ incidental/ how it soothed my soul through what I been through/ won’t nobody stop my soul/ the shit I’ve been through/ instrumental how I’m dropping this line to all you men who/ sit back and listen to mine/ homey I’m blessed more/ money more problems/ more success more stress/ no struggle/ no progress/ man fuck it well I guess/ that I’ll rest at least/ when the day comes that I’m resting in peace/ but until that day/ I’m a be a beast/ and unleash/ a force to feast/ on the game/ it’s Gif/ remember the name
Track Name: Lost with Dreams
Sometimes I…DREAM! / Sometimes I…sleep/ and then I wake, I wake! / see I don’t…DREAM! / I just, sleep/ and in the morning, in the morning, in the morning I
Feel mocked by the sky/ say if you’re scared to lose/ can’t win/ won’t try/ jumped out the window/ fail/ fall/ die/ but you don’t want to die man/ you just want to fly/ can’t accomplish these things/ when you weren’t born with wings/ and it’s a false accomplishment when achieved on the strings/ but you can say fuck it/ go ahead and play puppet/ drop down to your knees appease please to suck it/ acquire what you desire and perceive as what you must get/ if it’s something you must get/ get…/ side of the bed/ open palms to the sides of my head is where I sit/ refusing to admit that these shoes don’t fit/ every step I take/ see a smile to conceal the fact that it ache/ how long can I kiss the snake and avoid the venom it make/ miss dreaming/ now it’s more often I sleep and wake

Sometimes I…DREAM! / Sometimes I…sleep/ and then I wake, I wake! / see I don’t…DREAM! / I just, sleep/ and in the morning, in the morning, in the morning I

Praise the Lord I’m not dead/ thoughts so heavy/ it’s hard to raise my head up off the bed/ trying to get past the past/ I dash/ when I’m out of gas/ I crash/ like I ain’t know that I was going that fast/ life is a masquerade/ I’m often missing a mask/ and the way I sometimes feel is if I am missing mass/ still I stand for it/ say life pass most people by while they’re making grand plans for it/ paid the price and still can’t afford/ as my mind tries to align the planets in my orbit/ think/ yeah it stink/ but it’s your shit/ I need a drink/ as I dive in the bottle and sink/ it shatter/ cut by the shards I bleed ink/ sadder/ if it was all for what I thought matter/ yeah I hate to suffer/ but fucked it I’d be glad to/ just for the chance to get close enough to have her

Sometimes I…DREAM! / Sometimes I…sleep/ and then I wake, I wake! / see I don’t…DREAM! / I just, sleep/ and in the morning, in the morning, in the morning I
Track Name: Invisible (The Ramona Moore Story)
Little sweet young thing/ shouts ma/ I’ll be back/ I’m a take a short trip to Burger King/ you be safe out there/ you hear/ giggle/ yeah/ then runs off to the cool night air/ as hours pass/ like sand dripping from an hour glass/ mamma let her brain do the math/ try to calculate hour she saw her daughter last/ staring at the clock like/ “Where is my daughter’s ass”/ heart getting heavy/ she tryna wait but she ain’t never stayed out this late/ submission to her intuition made her call the cops report her daughter missing/ preying they ain’t have to go fishing/ officer like/ “lady listen/ she ain’t an adolescent”/ I know she’s twenty one but, momma keeps on pressing/ “ok I’ll file a report”/ he yields to her stressing/ “give it four hours if she ain’t home/ call back/” four hours later her momma was on the jack/ this time/ got the Sergeant./ on the phone/ she balling/ he like/ “We can’t help you lady please stop calling”/ travel to a place/ under a wooden floor where there’s a girl hogged tied with a bruised up face/ hear footsteps/ her heart race/ as they draw closer/ mamma in the street stapling up a missing poster/ hears three voices/ one in a new pitch/ they open up the door/ sunlight/ her eyes twitch/ three guys peer down/ one shouts/ “Say high Bitch”/ notice a new face/ then three days later/ the cops finally reopened the case

Panties get tore/ a hand slaps a face/ reaches down unzips pants/ he runs in her raw/ both arms pinned to the floor/ she screams/ in a lioness roar it’s all over till he comes back for more/ again and again/ out in/ she can’t sleep close her eyes and visualize the grin of these men and starts trembling/ storms that she weathered/ attempted to escape and almost got her limbs severed/ scars on her legs and wrist indicative of this/ but she knew the risk/ and man they were pissed/ officer on the case on the phone like/ “Ms. I done all I can do/ I’ve looked everywhere/ I’ve talked to everybody you’ve told me to talk to/ I don’t know where she’s at/ and I’m not a magician/ I can’t do some magic trick and pull her out of a hat”/ but she’s still missing can’t dispute that fact/ had a chain around her neck/ hands tied behind her back/ sick shit/ bandages covered the wounds they inflicted/ parts they tried to sever/ beat her face puffy/ man whatever/ thought of the pain lingers/ these bastards even went and cut the webbing on her fingers/ final destination/ she was beat to death the same day that they decided to launch the investigation/ look at the events that happened on that night/ look how they were treated and tell me was that right/ mamma's baby girl raped and tortured/ blind your site/ close your eyes and imagine she was white/ we invisible
Track Name: Almost There
I can step to a girl/ two-step let her twirl/ spin her back in my arms/ with her back to my palms/ then I dip her/ bend down kiss her/ lips to/ thin air/ was she ever there/ oh where/ oh where/ damn oh well/ getting so close to heaven is like hell/ that/ lingering smell/ inhale/ as it consume the room/ what they call it/ acoustic perfume/ immaculate conception birthed spotless out the womb/ they say emancipation freed the Pharaoh from the tomb/ Shaka, Kabaka, Mansa Musa far from a Kunta-Kinte/ Fenway/ I get over like home-run slide to the plate/ unbuckle my pants let my belly breath/ bout time I ate/ like /one-hundred and eighty degrees I’m straight/ spread wings no angel/ his might /write like ninety degree angle excite/ ignite/ take off like shuttle/ Nasa/ to avoid massa /capture/ sit back/ good times/smile/ laughter/ that’s what I’m after/ after/ you

we've had our downs/ Let nothin' in the world darlin'/ Turn us around/ Cause we're almost there/
We're almost there/ We're almost there/ We're almost there/ We're almost there

Unravel the mystery/ now is the past to the future every morning there’s a chance to make history/ something that I’d wish you see/ can I tell yah/ ain’t what happens to a man/ but how he responds to it that’s the ultimate determining factor in his success or failure/ Think And Grow Rich/ raise a queen/ not another black teen on Povich/ they done/ talk cheap/ life’s short/ and you only get one/ an ass tryna play moon can’t eclipse the sun/ sometimes you got to crawl to walk/ walk to run/ jump/ fly/ if you bake the cake/ you ain’t got to take a piece of the pie/ you can have it all it’s evident/ prisoner to president/ we’re relevant and heaven-sent/ refined and divine in our element/ not ignorant/ but elegant/ ebony/ ivory/ tusk from the elephant/ musk can you smell the scent/ rust/ see the antiquity/ of us/ be a present in our present /trust/ our worth/ owner/ maker/ cream of the planet Earth/ father of civilization and God of the Universe/ you are/ something special/ god has blessed you/ be the best you/ stand be a man not Peter Pan/ baby boy/ time to leave the crib/ get a home/ number one consumers tell me what own/ from the mountain top I see the thrown/ path I’m own gone lead me there/ look in your crystal ball see me there/ better yet homey see me there